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make me choose | lexiessgrey asked: Hart of Dixie or The Mindy Project

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we got all these words, can’t waste them on another
so i’m straight in a straight line, running back to you

'you are like home to me'

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“second chances exist. we can find love again.”

second chances exist. we can find love again.”

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'Don, might I ask exactly what happened between you and your wife?'

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I know that you believe that we don’t have a future together. But Wade Kinsella, you are just so wrong. And I’m gonna prove it. As long as it takes.

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With the smell of honeysuckle and your perfume
All I could think about was my next move

Oh, but you were so shy, so was I
Maybe that’s why it was so hard to believe
When you smiled and said to me
"Are you gonna kiss me or not?